James Phillips is a Software Developer and a front line Paramedic, based in Rochester NY.

Jim is also certified as:

  • Offshore & Diver Medic
  • PADI Dive Master
  • SDI Dive Instructor
  • (WALS) Wilderness Advanced Life Support
  • IANTD Trimix diver (Mixed gas, Helium)
  • TDI, IANTD Technical diver
  • TDI Cave diver

When he is not programming or attending to emergencies, his whole life is dedicated to his wife Judy, exploration, and cave diving and any excuse to get outdoors and up onto a mountain or underground!

Jim has written programs for diving calculations to be added to this site soon:

See code on github

  • Mixed gas calculator (Nitrox and Trimix)
  • SAC rates, PPO2, MOD, Best Mixes
  • Latest development with Hydrogen calculations
  • Zircon Shell